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Art is a healer!

The most difficult moments in our lives are somehow discreet, we don't talk about them much, or we speak with very few people. As an artist, I feel blessed to be able to express things my way, without speaking! Transforming my pain, fears - that's my speech!

The fear of losing beloved people is the one I feel the most strongly. Especially the kind where you don't have a choice and need to accept the reality. These three paintings are all connected to my fears about the acceptance of the things I don't have the power to change, and about the deep pain of loss. They are about losing a person very special to me... Art is a healer, sometimes!

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Nata Buachidze's 4 artwork and the interview is now published in ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA Art Magazine, 1st ISSUE. ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA is an art gallery based in Lithuania and the The Magazine includes critiques, essay, artists interviews, curated exhibitions, information for collectors, curators, artists and art lovers, as well represents auctions and exhibitions, galleries and projects worldwide.

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Nata Buachidze's 2 artworks were selected for the Volume 2 issue 2 Summer 2021, by Literary Magazine Flora Fiction, Based in Saint Augustine, Florida, USA.

Magazine is free to look through and to download in pdf format, or you can purchase the printed one.

Volume 2 Issue 2
Download PDF • 456.57MB

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